Devchat.tv has a mission to empower programmers to change the world by helping them better understand the technologies, tools, processes, and possibilities of their craft.

Over the last 30 years, the world has grown and changed in many significant ways. Some of these ways are technological like the internet, smart phones, social networks, and email. Even the way we track, measure, and control our physical world has advanced technologically.

Furthermore, we've seen these same technologies used to disseminate information, connect people, and organize movements that have changed countries and the world at large.

As technology has advanced it has allowed us to expand our impact on the world around us. From motorized tractors that allowed us to manage larger farms with fewer people to assembly lines that revolutionized manufacturing.

The internet and the accessibility of information along with the ability to control devices and to gather information a world away allow us to have social impacts in ways we could only dream of before.

All of the capabilities of our enhanced world are managed by programs written by programmers.

It doesn't matter if the outcomes are political, medical, financial, social, or physical. Programmers are in a unique position to make a measurable difference in the areas that matter to them.

Our mission is to show programmers how to use the tools and technologies at their disposal to reach for things that were once impossible but can now be enhanced by our code.

The ways we reach this mission are:

  • Encouraging and inviting new people from all walks of life to become programmers.
  • Helping programmers recognize the tools, techniques, and processes that will empower them to achieve more and reach higher.
  • Exploring ways that the art of code can be used to enhance our understanding of and increase our influence over the areas of life that we as human beings are passionate about.
  • Mastering and explaining current and new technologies that will form the backbone of the next wave of innovation.
  • Providing a platform for current and upcoming leaders to inspire movement into the next generations of technological advances.

We currently do this by providing online audio and video content through podcasts, screencasts, online courses, and conferences. We also continuously watch for new ways to provide content that helps us fulfill our mission.